In the GIST project we study the conditions for decarbonization of energy-intensive natural resource-based industry (ENRI) and explore possible pathways for governing industrial transformation.

Climate change is currently being reframed from an emissions problem to an energy system problem emphasizing ways for decarbonizing social structures and practices that generate carbon emissions. So far climate policy efforts have predominantly been geared towards achieving set emissions reduction targets, while the decarbonization of key socioeconomic sectors such as ENRI has yet not been addressed.

The GIST-project focus on ambitious long-term structural transitions of ENRIs in Sweden by exploring mitigation options, integration aspects, and potential development pathways and governance/policy strategies. The project will address the need for greater scientific understanding of long term transitions in industry and the energy system (as well as associated institutions), more knowledge about the prospects for decarbonising basic industry, as well as the interdependencies of basic industry and the energy system, and the prospects for their co-evolution.

Our aim is to make scientific contributions on theory and method for the transition of energy-intensive natural resource-based industry, its interplay with the energy system, and provide a basis for future governance and policy strategies.